Frequently Asked Questions

What professions is the referral matchmakers (TRM) ideally suited for?
The referral matchmakers (TRM) are typically suited for the: Accounting; Mortgage Broking, Financial Planning, Risk Insurance, General Insurance,  Property Buyers Agent, Conveyancing, Estate Planning and any other closely aligned professions.

Whilst mostly suited to the above professions, it is not necessarily exclusive to them.

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What does a “Reciprocal Referral Relationship” mean?
A reciprocal referral partner relationship is when two or more businesses have the same target customer and can easily refer customers back and forth to each other. Often you’ll have complimentary services that are a close fit.
How does TRM determine the eligibility criteria?
TRM is an offering designed for financial or professional service operators with at least an intermediate level of experience or higher in their chosen field. Whilst discretion can be applied, we are generally interested in the specific business field you work in and the strength of your existing client relationships from within that profession. Importantly, you would need to be open to the concept of reciprocal referral relationships.

Whilst our intention is to make this service available to as many professions as possible, the reality is it may not suit certain roles.

What does the referral matchmaking service cost?
The referral matchmakers have deliberately been created as a low-cost offering with maximum benefit to ensure most, if not all who are eligible can afford this service. We did not want cost to get in the way of being part of this great new initiative. Upon discussion of your eligibility with the TRM team, the cost structure will be clearly defined for you.  

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Who is Generation Real (gen real:)?

Generation Real (gen real:) is a specialised business consultancy and solutions company for small business. Their services include:

  1. The Referral Matchmakers (TRM)
  2. Business Solutions
  3. Technology Solutions

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Contact Us

M: 0424 199 391
A: L2, 460 Church St, Parramatta, NSW 2150